fredag 16 november 2012


Var tvungen att lägga upp den här för att den är så fruktansvärt kul! ☺

I was alone
My heart was cold 
It was a stone
My soul was lonely
Like a stone
There was no moss

And when I danced
I danced alone
But then I did not dance
Because I was alone
So I did not dance

I shuffled through life invisible
To all happy couples 
Who would mock me 
With their merry laughter
Ha ha ha

The only sound I heard
In my lonely silent world
Was the rusty hammer of my heart
Nailing at the hatred in my soul

But then you came...

And my life was turned upside down
You showed me the beauty 
Of the things that I had never seen
Like the snowflake that melts on the eyelash of a startled deer

Or the painting of a dog
That wears a deerstalker and smokes a pipe
That made you laugh so heartily
That I previously thought was rubbish
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Or the duck that lands so clumsily on a frozen pond in winter
But the intoxicating power of our love 
Transforms this simple act into an anthropomorphic drama 
Where Mr Duck’s embarrassed and the other ducks are laughing
“Quack quack quack quack quack”

And then you left

And I have died a thousand deaths
And I will die a thousand more
I thought you were an angel
You turned out to be a whore

And everything is turned to dust
And everything is infected with a plague
When you had to sleep with Craig

'Oh, he's so sensitive'
'He’s got a tattoo'
Yeah, carving your name with a compass in my forehead 
Was not enough for you?

The snowflake on the eye of the dear
Has turned to pus 
That oozes from an open wound
The deer, now blinded, stumbles into a ravine

The duck lies shredded in a pancake
Soaking in the hoi sin of your lies

The dog has moved from the pipe 
To 60 cigarettes a day
And coughs away his life 
In the cold neon research lab

Of your betrayal
Of your betrayal

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